The Alfa Laval FrontLine and Alfa Laval BaseLine gasketed plate heat exchangers minimize total cost of ownership and maximize profitability. These hygienic heat exchangers feature versatile design while offering high heat transfer efficiency, delivering superior value to owners and operators across a broad range of hygienic industries from food to personal care.

High efficiency and versatile design make the Alfa Laval FrontLine and BaseLine gasketed plate heat exchangers (GPHEs) solid choices for a wide range of hygienic heat transfer applications. The premium Alfa Laval FrontLine range is the clear choice for demanding hygienic applications, for applications that require gentle product handling, and for heat-sensitive media or media containing particles and fibres. The Alfa Laval BaseLine range is a competitive heat exchanger for less demanding hygienic processes and utility applications.

Engineered for hygiene, versatility and efficiency

The plate-and-frame construction of the Alfa Laval FrontLine and BaseLine hygienic heat exchangers makes design and configuration of the units for various applications both easy and flexible. Both heat exchangers are available with two different plate types:

  • The standard Chevron-type plate, which is used in a wide range of applications, provides good product distribution as well as high thermal efficiency making it ideal for pasteurization of milk and cheese milk.
  • The Gemini double wall plate consists of two plates pressed together, which prevents the cross contamination of fluids in the event of leakage through the plates. Gemini plates are not welded, making it easy to open and inspect them during service.

In addition to these two plate types, the Alfa Laval FrontLine range also offers the Alfa Laval Wide Stream Plate for products that contain particles and/or fibers, making it ideal for processing juices.

Easy to maintain, long service life

The plates of Alfa Laval FrontLine and BaseLine heat exchangers are easy to clean, thereby increasing production output. Both heat exchangers feature FDA-compliantglue-free gaskets, which prolong plate service life and boost uptime.


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